Easily Setup Your Home Wi-Fi Network Without a Router

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If you are using Windows 7 or above, you can easily setup your own home Wi-Fi Network without a router, and share your internet to your other multiple devices such as your smartphone, tablet or computer.

What you will require to turn your computer into a Wi-Fi hotspot:

1) Your computer should be running on Windows 7 or above.
2) In addition, your computer should have a wireless network card (for laptops) or internal wireless PCI card (for desktops). Though most of today’s computers come already equipped with them, if not, you can also buy a USB network adapter.
3) Finally, all you have to do is download a simple, free utility called Virtual Router, and install it on your computer having an internet connection.

After installation, open the Virtual Router. Enter your network name and password. You can also select the connection you want to share over Wi-Fi. Click “Start Virtual Router” and you are done! You can now easily find and connect to your Wi-Fi network using your phone, tablet or another computer.

Using the Start/Stop button  you can any time enable or disable your Wi-Fi hotspot. It will also show a list of devices connected to your network with their assigned IP and MAC addresses.
The sweetest thing about Virtual Router is that it does not bug us with self-promotion or any advertisement like other ‘free’, annoying utilities do. It is so simple but powerful utility.

Access Files From Your Android Device to Computer

If you want to access files in your computer from your Android phone or tablet, you may search for apps like Kies Air or Wifi File Transfer on Android market.

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