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Jignesh Rathod

Jignesh Rathod is a software developer and a contributor at TechForWorld.com where he writes about software, web applications and latest technology. He holds master’s degrees in computer application (MCA) from Department of Computer Science, Rajkot and in management (MBA). Jignesh has also written as a guest-contributor on various websites, especially technology blogs. EngineeringBuddies mentioned him as community’s favorite blogger and noted that his articles constantly got highest likes. Jignesh lives in Ahmedabad, India.

Career and Software Development

Jignesh is working as the Product Manager in DataImpact Solutions, Virginia which provides web and mobile solutions based on Mosaic™ platform. Jignesh is competent in web and Windows™ development, logical database design and requirement analysis for applications. He is experienced in complete Software Development Life Cycle on business applications like ERP, CRM, payroll, etc. In 2005, he worked with Western Railways, Rajkot Region for Crew Management System which played the leading role for their computerization. In February 2005, he was appointed as a lecturer by District Institute for Educational Training, Rajkot for a special program of computer training to principals of various educational institutions of Rajkot District.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Jignesh has optimized websites of various industries and made them get better rankings and more traffic by using content optimization, on-page SEO strategies and advanced tactics. He also provides advice on website setup and security.

About TechForWorld

TechForWorld was founded in 2012 primarily for knowledge-sharing on software and web. It became popular mainly because of articles about useful tips and tutorials on computer software and websites. TechForWorld encourages optimized use of software and technology and promotes people who encourage good uses of technology. Later TechForWorld also started covering posts about programming, web development and advanced tips about Search Engine Optimization. TechForWorld is powered by WordPress CMS and other plugins.


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