Try This Easiest Trick To Boost Your Internet Speed On USB Modem

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There are so many hacks, ‘tools’ and so called tweaks available on how to boost your wireless internet speed. Many will suggest changing network settings in your browser or computer. But believe me, they are useless and they make little or no difference to your internet speed. Yes, they might give you some temporary illusion of improvement. But today, if you are using a USB modem, I want to introduce you to a trick (honestly just one trick) which really helped me.

A laptop connected to USB modem using USB extended cable

Wireless Network and Your Location

Whenever using wireless internet using a USB modem (also called USB dongle), we often find network problems which are mostly based on our location. I faced the connection problem specially when a call is going on on Skype, the call would have the problem at least once.

Many would mistakenly believe that the fault is with the Internet connection provider company. Sometimes it might be so if the internet provide is not so reputed. But it will not always help you to keep changing the service provider.

Is ‘Cantenna’ Helpful?

One popular tip mostly suggested is to use a cantenna. In this method, the USB modem or wi-fi device is covered around with an open-ended can made of metal, specially aluminium. Similarly, it is also suggested to place an aluminium coil around the USB modem. It is said to work like antenna and fetch more network signals. This trick might have helped some or many, but I never found this helpful at all. This might be helpful for people who are living some far from city area or network location.

Extend and Reach!

USB extended cable
The major cause of problems with wireless network is  location. For certain locations, you might face network problem if you are using wireless internet in the room, specially when you are far from the window or view of sky. It is not always possible to use your computer near the window. To easily resolve this problem, get yourself a USB extended cable, with length of 3 to 5 meters preferable, which is easily available in a computer hardware shop.  More than 5 meter length for USB connectivity might face problems and is not recommended. Try placing one end of USB cable (with which you have attached the USB modem) at some high place in the room, near the window. (Remember, height is the important factor and your modem must be higher than other objects in the room) And you are done!

Proven Results

Ever since using this trick, I never experienced network problems, even during Skype calls. I also confirmed the improvement in speed by verifying on services like internet speed test. I am sharing this trick hoping that it will help you too.

Update: Another Proof

My brother-in-law Nitin Solanki bought a new USB modem but he told me that it didn’t work at his home and asked me to check. The modem was unable to detect network at all: It said ‘No SIM card’! I was also confused a bit and thought about so many possibilities like problem in SIM, or computer or modem. His computer was at ground-floor. Just as a lame try, I attached the modem to the USB extended cable and hanged it at the window. To our pleasant surprise, the modem started getting full 3G network immediately! They never reported of any problem then.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

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  1. Kathline Frangione says

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  2. anandhan says

    i am use reliance 1x speed netconnect, it’s working slowely 16kbps,
    can i increse speed with any softwares or tricks?

  3. says

    All the methods published here are all well known for most internet users though.
    But eventually some will probably forced out of option if they were forced to have no choice but looking for an alternative.
    What I am saying that is what will the users do after they ran out of quota?
    I am Indonesian, and having the problem that is after my internet is ran out of quota, it slow down my internet connections to 7KBps bandwith. But before it occurs, the speed can barely manage to 150KBps, not that much of a speed, I would say.
    Recently, a rumors about they (the internet provider)lost the bandwith because the fiber calbe was unable to work. And so that was true.
    But even having the calbe fixed, my internet speed keep just getting still at this stage.
    So if you know of any methods of hacking the modem which won’t cause any suspicion of the providers, reply this.
    And I’ve used many tools but none of them worked.
    Please help regarding the topic is a bit off out title.

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