Quick Facebook Tricks: Disable Tagging and Hide Posts From Particular People

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Are you annoyed by being tagged on Facebook? Millions of people use Facebook extensively, but hardly a few even know that they can disable tagging on Facebook. Many people know that they can disable tagging but they are too lazy to find and change that setting.  May be because Facebook’s settings are not so user-friendly. Or they keep changing settings and sometimes it is really difficult to find some setting. (Hope they will improve.)

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Tagging is great thing, but often it becomes a nuisance when a friend tags you in an offensive or improper photo. It becomes even worst when you are unaware of that, being away or offline from Facebook. I have often seen many of my friends posting a status update requesting something like “Please do not tag me in photos”! But there is a better option. You can disable photo tagging in Facebook. Actually that is not disabling the tagging, but they are kept “pending” for your review before they appear on Facebook to public. So in fact we are not disabling the tagging, but we are rather enabling tag review. So, whenever somebody tags a photo of you, you get a notification like “xxx added a photo of you. To add this to your timeline, go to Timeline Review.” So you do not appear as tagged to other persons until you go to your timeline and approve the tag. However, the person who tagged you will see you as tagged and will not be able to know that you have disabled tagging! Here’s the quick way to do that:

1. Open Account Settings using Settings button at top right while in your Facebook account. Then click on Timeline and Tagging tab in the left pane. 2. Now to the right pane, Look at the last settings group titled “How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?” In that group, find “Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook?” It should be showing off if tagging review is disabled.
3. Click Edit to change it and then select “Enabled”.

You are done! Tag reviews are just enabled on your timeline. You will have a list of things you are tagged in on your timeline. You can approve or delete them whenever you want. You will appear as tagged only when you approve a tag. Lastly, do not forget to approve when your friends tag you in photos you love; you should approve. I like it when many of my friends tag me in great stuff and I love to approve those.

Hide Your Posts From Particular Friends

I received a few questions on how to hide posts from particular friends, still being friends with them (and of course, without blocking them). Facebook provides an easy setting for it. Here you go:

1. Open Privacy Settings using Settings button at top right.
2. Look for the first group ‘Who can see my stuff?’ in the right pane.
3. Look for the first item in right pane: Who can see your future posts? Click Edit button beside that setting. You will see settings like Public, Friends, Only Me and Custom. This specifies who can see all your posts by default, unless otherwise you specify in a particular post itself.
4. Choose “Custom“.  A window will open which will ask you whether you want to share or hide your posts from friends or groups you type in. Start typing the names you want to show or hide from.

Do you know any useful but less known Facebook trick? Please comment and share with us.

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  1. says

    Hello Jignesh, Thanks for this such a helpful post, well I Jignesh, I have some friend on my facbeook account but I don’t wanna let them see my facebook update also I don’t wanna unfriend. Jignesh please help if you have any idea for how to do this.

    • says

      Hi Vivek. Look at the updated article itself – I have added how you can hide your posts for particular friends, without un-friending or blocking. Let me know still you have any questions. Thank you for stopping by!

  2. says

    Hi, just for your info: you can review tags of you before they are put on “YOUR timeline”, but they still appear on your friends newsfeed directly after u were tagged, and without even asking you, and its not able to turn that off.

  3. Rainie says

    hi there, this no longer work as the setting has been changed again~
    can u find a way to disable tagging from friends? because i have noticed that even after you have deactivated your fb acc, friends still can tag you, only that it will appear only the name (without link to your profile)

    • says

      Rainie, I checked again and it works just like that.

      But yes, it does not apply to older posts.
      If you have been already tagged in previous posts or photos, you need to go to that particular post and choose to ‘remove from Timeline’ to remove the tag.
      Let me know still if you are facing any problems. Thank you for writing.

      • Rainie says

        oh sorry for the previous post,

        actually what i mean is that, is there anyway we can prevent friend from tagging us in the first place? thx 4 ur helping and reply. =D

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